Why Pivot PR?

Senior-level experience: At most large agencies, a junior team member(s) would execute the large majority of your work. At Pivot, senior executives work on your account not just direct it. From planning through execution, we’ll be with you.

Speed: With Pivot, your account won’t lag in getting assigned to a team. It won’t take days and tons of paper work if you need to make a change. We can make things happen just the way they happen in your work life.  Quickly.

Flexibility: We can work on all size and types of projects – big or small; for long or short time frames. We can ebb and flow with your needs not the needs of the agency.

Global, national & local experience: In the past, the Pivot team has executed large-scale communications programs globally, nationally and right here in Charlotte. The team knows how to scale and target the program to meet your organization’s or company’s needs.

Support local: Pivot PR was born and bred in Charlotte; the team even has a rare Charlotte native. Don’t you want to support a local small business?

Passion: It’s not work if you love it. The world of public relations and marketing excites us and we put all of that passion and energy into our clients’ business. Energy breeds success.

Professional & personable: The Pivot team has worked for and with huge brands, companies and C-suite executives.  Professionalism is of the utmost importance to us. But, so is making the experience with us fun.

Cutting-edge & creative: The Pivot team firmly believes that you never should stop learning. We constantly immerse ourselves in seminars, webinars and books to stay on the cutting-edge. And, we have our own ideas too. Charlotte media exchange, a one-of-a-kind tool to help journalists and marketing professionals in Charlotte connect, is the brainchild of Pivot.